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Brain Literacy for Educators and Psychologists

von Virginia W. Berninger

Kategorie: Pädagogische Psychologie
ISBN: 012092871X

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Kurzbeschreibung Although educators are expected to bring about functional changes in the brain, they are given no formal training in the structure, function or development of the brain in formal or atypically developing children as part of their preservice education. There is a growing recognition among educators of this shortcoming in teacher education. Education colleges have begun to add courses on brain and behaviour to their curricular offerings. Currently they use existing neuropsychology texts that cover topics well beyond an educator's needs. This book is organised around three conceptual themes. The interplay between nature and nurture is emphasised in part one. Second the functional systems of the brain are explained in terms in terms of how they lead to reading, writing and mathematics and the design of instruction. Finally, the research is presented, not as a finished product, but a step forward within the rapidly expanding field of educational neuropsychology. A special feature of the book will be guidelines for readers on how to be critical consumers of the evolving research literature and its implications for educational practice.

The main focus of this text is the importance of focusing not only on separate process in isolation but also how these processes are co-ordinated in time. It links the research on reading, writing and mathematics acquisition in normally developing and learning disabled populations with current brain research knowledge in such a way that it is educationally relevant. Brain Literacy for Educators and Psychologists differs from neuropsychology and neuroscience books in that it aimed at practitioners and focuses on high incidence neuropsychological conditions seen in the classroom, and is the only current text that integrates brain research with the practice of effective literacy and mathematics instruction of the general and special education school aged populations.

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