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Peptides : Synthesis, Structures, and Applications

von Bernd Gutte

Kategorie: Medizinische & Klinische Chemie
ISBN: 0123109205

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From Book News, Inc. Discusses peptide synthesis and applications within the pharmaceutical industry, surveying recent research in peptide synthetic methods and the structure-activity relationships of synthetic polypeptides. After a history of peptide chemistry, coverage includes amide and disulfide formulation; solid-phase peptide synthesis; stability and dynamics; structure/function studies of peptide hormones; neuropeptides; reversible inhibitors of serine proteinases; design of polypeptides; epitope mapping; and applications in immunology and vaccines. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

Kurzbeschreibung Peptides are bonded amino acids, or fragments of proteins. In recent years, research has shown their importance in neuroscience, immunology, and cell biology. Active research programs to devise new forms of peptides as vaccines and other therapeutic agents are ongoing worldwide in academia and pharmaceutical companies. A combination of direct peptidde sequencing, synthesis, and the use of protein motifs in synthesis will lead to the rapid identification and production of peptides for vaccines...

Medizinische & Klinische Chemie > Peptides : Synthesis, Structures, and Applications
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