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Succeeding with Difficult Clients: Applications of Cognitive Appraisal Therapy

von Richard Wessler

Kategorie: Psychophysiologie
ISBN: 012744470X

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Kurzbeschreibung The book that answers some of the questions psychotherapists ask themselves. Such as "I know that I am doing therapy correctly and well, so why aren't some of my clients changing?"

This volume is intended to help psychotherapists and mental health professionals treat people who are considered to be difficult clients. The approach is practical, with a minimum of theoretical assumptions and jargon and can be integrated into almost all other approaches to treatment when therapy stalls.

Succeeding with Difficult Clients offers fresh views of human motivation and of the process of emotions. It is useful for working with individuals with various diagnoses, hetero - and homosexual - couples and in group therapy settings. The case illustrations and therapeutic dialogues are drawn from the authors' years of experience, in working with difficult, challenging clients.

Synopsis Succeeding with Difficult Clients explores the common factors that define some clients as challenging; explain the various forms that "difficult" can take; discusses the feelings and thoughts such clients evoke in the therapist; and describes how therapists frequently manage and mismanage their feelings during therapy. It presents a powerful integrative approach to working with borderline and other difficult clients as well as a method for improving the therapist's understanding and managing of...

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