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Applied Java Patterns

von Stephen Stelting

Kategorie: Java Patterns
ISBN: 0130935387

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Applied Java Patterns shows how Java programmers can benefit from design patterns. The idea is to identify designs that solve common software-development problems. It is an important and powerful technique, especially since the 1995 publication of Design Patterns, Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software by a group of authors known affectionately as the "Gang of Four". That book uses C++ for its examples, whereas this one uses Java throughout. No previous knowledge of design patterns is assumed, but readers should be familiar with Java.

The first half of the book explains 32 of the most important patterns, showing how to implement them in Java and using the example of a Personal Information Manager application for many of the illustrations. Each pattern is described with notes showing when to apply it, a list of benefits and drawbacks and comments on variations and other related patterns. This accounts for around half of the book. Next comes a short but fascinating section showing how design patterns were applied in the Java APIs themselves, including JavaBeans, AWT, Swing, JDBC and Enterprise Java technologies such as Servlets and JSP. Finally, an appendix presents complete annotated example code for each pattern.

This is a clear and practical book, ideal for Java developers who are new to design patterns, or others who want to explore how to apply patterns in their work.--Tim Anderson

Awfull Examples
Even though I knew the patterns before I looked at the book, I didn't understand the descriptions. The examples should remedy this, alas they are very awfull, leaving me wondering why to use the pattern at all, if it means more work.
Buy the book from Cooper (Addison Wesley), those examples are much better.

Praxisnahes Nachschlagewerk
Das Buch ist in erster Linie als Nachschlagewerk für verschiedene Pattern geeignet. Herangeführt an diese wird man mit leicht verständlichen Beispielen, welche komplett durch Beispielcode beschrieben sind. Weiterhin sind viele Pattern der Standard Java Bibliotheken erläutert.

Fazit: Empfehlenswert als Einstieg in Pattern unter Java, allerdings definitiv kein Java Einsteigerbuch. Programmier- & API-Kenntnisse sind absolute Grundvoraussetzung.
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