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Unix Network Programming

von H. Richard Stevens

Kategorie: Unix
ISBN: 0139498761

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Focuses on design, development, and coding of networking software under the UNIX operating system. Begins by showing that a fundamental basic for networking programming is interprocess communication (IPC), and a requisite for understanding IPC is a knowledge of what constitutes a process. Throughout, the text provides both description and examples of how and why a particular solution is implemented.

21st Century? Yes, buy this book.
Great book, I've read it cover to cover. But why buy it when the author has newer versions out? Because (1) it is more concise and (2) it has info not in the other editions. I recommend you read this one cover-to-cover and buy the others as more detailed reference. His 3 other books (Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment, Unix Net. Prog.,2nd Ed., Vol.1; Unix Net. Programming, 2nd Ed., Vol.2) are far more detailed and worth having, but each is very thick. AND, the author died without finishing Unix Network Programming, 2nd Ed., Vol.3 (Applications). You have to buy this older edition to get the applications. It's easier to read 1 book 700 pp. long than to read 3 books, each 700 pp. long. Time is money.

A Must have for Unix network programmers
This book is a must have for any one starting to do Unix network programming. It is also a good reference for the Unix programmer doing network programming. Expect to find complete discussions and examples of Unix code for Sockets, RPC. Inter-process communications (IPC) are discussed in detail. Coding at the transport layer, both Sockets and TLI are discussed with an emphesis towards Sockets. Expect to find a complete discussion on network devices as well, pseudo-tty devices and applications that use them (rlogin, telnet, etc...)

Readable, well-indexed and complete
This is undoubtedly one of the finest computer books I have ever owned. It is readable enough to use as a textbook, but well-indexed and complete enough to use as a reference. I bought my copy in 1991, and it is almost falling apart. Colleagues are constantly borrowing it, and they usually go out and get their own copy (after I tell them that they may NOT take it home). When Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment came out, a co-worker and I both decided that we would, on faith, "plunk down the 50+ bucks to own it, too". It has also proven to be readable and useful. I took a week-long class in network programming shortly after I bought the Unix Network Programming book, and I took it along, thinking I might need it. The instructor saw the book, picked it up and said "This is THE definitive reference on network programming in Unix. Any problem I have had, I have been able to find a solution in this book!" (All of this was before Steven's series of 3 volumes came out). Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go arm-wrestle one of our student interns for my copy of Unix Network Programming...
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