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The Oxford Handbook of Dialysis

von Jeremy Levy

Kategorie: Nephrologie
ISBN: 0192631608

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Synopsis The handbook is a compact and comprehensive guide to all aspects of dialysis, from preparing patients for dialysis, details of both haemo- and peritoneal dialysis, continuous haemofiltration techniques and complications of end-stage renal disease. The book is aimed primarily at trainee nephrologists and renal nurses, but should be of relevance, use and interest to all other health care workers involved with patients with end-stage renal disease - pharmacists, dieticians, intensivists, and medical students. The book has been arranged in sections covering new patients with end-stage renal failure (pre-dialysis), haemodialysis, nursing haemodialysis patients, peritoneal dialysis, nursing peritoneal dialysis patients, nutrition on dialysis, special situations, complications of dialysis, death in dialysis patients, drug use and dosing in renal failure and a summary of the US DOQI and UK Renal Association standards documents. Each section is subdivided so that individual topics appear on single pages where possible. The book is patient-centred, practical, and thus didactic. The book is intended for specialist registrars in nephrology, medical senior house officers, dialysis units, dialysis nurses and dieticians and renal pharmacists and allows doctors to learn what renal nurses do, and vice versa. For nephrologists it is a comprehensive guide to all aspects of renal replacement therapy, from dialysis to immunoadsorption, pre-dialysis patients to preparation for transplantation. It is up-to-date, succinct, but comprehensive. It also clearly demonstrates some of the roles undertaken by nurses, and which are often a mystery to nephrologists in training. For renal nurses it also covers all aspects of dialysis, but also includes issues such as training patients, staffing, dealing with cross infection on dialysis units, and many other problems which arise in the day-to-day management of dialysis patients. Similarly for renal dieticians and pharmacists it provides a single source of information about dialysis, end-stage renal disease, and the problems facing patients.

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