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Advanced Animation and Rendering Techniques.

von Alan Watt

ISBN: 0201544121

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Great Book, covers a lot of subjects!
I regret not buying this book sooner, cause it would have saved me a lot of thinking. This book is maybe not for beginners, but for the more experienced it's a great reference.

Industry classic; buy it early, buy it often!
I'm ordering another copy of this, because like the other people I know who program renderers, I've loaned out yet another copy that I'm having trouble getting back. This is one of the classic overviews of rendering techniques, and particularly for its age is an extraordinary book. Though if you program anything involving rendering or other 3D graphics, don't you already own this book?

This is the most usful book about CG in my shelf. It is a must-have for those who need to work on computer graphics!
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