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Handbook of Veterinary Anesthesia

von William W. Muir

Kategorie: Allgemein
ISBN: 0323008011

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From Book News, Inc. An immediate source of information relating to anesthesia, cardiopulmonary emergencies and euthanasia for veterinary students and practitioners. Explores: patient evaluation and preparation, drugs, intravenous anesthetic drugs, oxygen toxicity, hemodynamic monitoring, acid-base balance and blood gases, respiratory emergency, cardiac emergency and shock, and acid base balance. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

Kurzbeschreibung Handbook of Veterinary Anesthesia is a practical reference designed for both practitioners and students, covering principles and use of anesthetic equipment and agents. This book contains information on chemical restraint, anesthetic and emergency drugs, and explains the practical use of anesthetic, monitoring, and laboratory equipment used in the practice of anesthesia. It covers all domestic species, with emphasis on small animals (dogs and cats).

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