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Introductory Econometrics

von Jeffrey M. Wooldridge

ISBN: 0324113641

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Focus on the bottom-line not matix algebra
An excellent second introduction to regession analysis and panel data. I will never become an econometrician so I need a book which covers a lot of ground from a practical standpoint. This book is great

Econometrics explained not proved
I own quite a lot of books on econometrics. But this one is I think one of the best. Not in technical detail, but in the clear intuitive explanations. If you want to study a subject by yourself, first read up the subject in this book. Only then move on to the mathematical details in others. Besides the clear presentation of subjects, the excellent real world examples are a great help to gain an understanding. Last but not least, the text put more emphasis on cross-section and panel-data than is usual. Unless youre only interested in macro-econometric modelling this is an approach I warmly endorse. Is there no point of critique? A minor one: the appendices might be shortened, but I imagine others will find them helpfull.
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