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Live the Life You Love: In Ten Easy Step-By Step Lessons

von Barbara Sher

ISBN: 0440507561

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Eine Autorin, die an alles denkt ...
Ich habe das Buch erst nach langem Zögern gekauft, da ich hingerissenen Rezensionen eigentlich nicht so traue. Aber Barbara Sher liefert mit diesem Buch wirklich, was andere immer nur im Klappentext versprechen: Sie bietet ein 10-Schritte-Programm, den eigenen Lebenstraum zu verwirklichen. Sehr "hands-on" mit vielen Beispielen und Übungen. Dazu gibt es kleine "Exkurse" für die Fallen, an denen wir immer wieder scheitern. Wir scheitern, da wir kein Fundament schaffen, auf das wir den Lebenstraum stellen könnten und da wir uns zu viel auf einmal vornehmen. Wieso Sie erst die Wohnung entmüllen müssen (und wie das fix und nebenbei geht), warum es am Anfang das beste ist, dem Traum mit 30 Sekunden "Sprints" näher zu kommen ... all das liest sich zunächst seltsam, bewirkt aber, dass wir es diesmal schaffen können, das Leben umzukrempeln.

My highest gratitude and praise to Barbara Sher
Just started reading, it becomes one of my fav books all time. It will truely set you free. Live the life you love is not just a carrer, it's exactly why we are here in this world. It's our authentic and spiritual life. She is one of the rare authors that knows exactly how you feel and knows exactly the feelings of axiety, loneliness, hopelessness. Her lessons will lead you to home. I read the first and second lesson so far, but I can feel something is changing inside of me. I feel that I am returning home. When you know what your true purpose is, you ARE living the life you love. It's so simple yet we were all taught to live what we are good at and competing others. She said, 'when you love doing something, you have a gift for it...everytime...that's what you are supposed to do.' I will never undervalue my needs anymore. Great book for this summer, so excited! =0)

Find Your Flow
For some lucky few, life is lived like a powerful river flowing directly to open sea letting nothing block its path. For some of us others, we are bankless and flow in every direction, sometimes creating marshy messes, dwindling too often into mere trickles. This book in its 10 steps provides channel pieces that can direct that energy. No longer do we, dissipated with choices and talents, need to feel aimless. This book guides with the gentlest touch, making it safe to say, "Yes, this is what I want to do...This is what I've always wanted to do."
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