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Pet Sematary.

von Stephen King

ISBN: 0450057690

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Great book on a touchy subject
Death is not an easy thing for anyone to deal with, not just the death of a person, but of cherished pets too. So what if you could bring a beloved family pet back? Would you be willing to call upon ancient cursed burial grounds? That is the question Steven King asks us. This novel is simply terrifying. What strikes me though, is King's trademark of putting slices of humanity into all of his books. I just about broke down crying when I read the part where Louis and Gage fly a kite. I don't know if King has any kids, but if he doesn't he sure knows what a good father-son relationship is like. Getting back to Pet Sematary, the morbid subject matter of ressurection will keep you turning pages well into midnight. I sat up reading it around 1:00 AM and didn't stop until I had read the last page. Then I didn't fall asleep until about 3:00 AM because I was so scared. Keep 'em coming Mr. King!

Stephen King is known to be the scariest writer of this century. We all knnow Misery, Carrie, Shining and...Pet Sematary! The people who saw the movie will certainly more appreciate this terrifying book about a doctor and his family being haunted by ghosts. When Louis Creed, a young doctor, and Rachel, his wife mother of two children, arrive at their new house in the Maine(is there one Stephen King book that doesn't takes place in the Maine?!),they reaaly don't know they live behind an old Indian cemetary. But when they begin to make strange nightmares and to see horrific ghosts(the people who saw the movie certainly remember of Zelda, the sick and monstruous sister of Rachel), they realize they're in deep trouble! Certainly one of King's best, Pet Sematary will scare you and interest you. You can't stop reading until the last page. And on warning : don't read it at night 'cause you'll never sleep! Excellent!

writing - excellent; plot - needs a little help . . .
I've been a fan of Stephen King's ever since I read 'Carrie' five years ago, and I consider him one of my writing role models. When I picked up 'Pet Sematery', I expected something more. The book was well written in terms of characterization (although Creed needs a little help), but the plot left me wanting more. I felt that I had been a bit shortchanged, because I believed that King could do a lot better. Once I had finished, my mind kept going over the possibilities with the pet sematery and its certain 'magic'. It was a good idea for a plot, just not greatly executed. I'm sorry that I didn't enjoy it, because all of his other books thrilled me beyond imagination. The man is definitely a prime example of horror fiction.
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