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von Andreas D. Baxevanis

Kategorie: Allgemein
ISBN: 0471383910

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"The novice user of bioinformatics tools needs a guide that answers several fundamental questions - what are these tools designed for and what can they do; what are their limitations; how does one access them, and where can one find further information. For each of the basic sub-fields of bioinformatics, Bioinformatics provides a survey, a list of world wide web addresses (URLs), and a list of monographs and reviews to which the reader may go for further information. Each chapter covers fundamental definitions and makes no assumptions about prior knowledge.... The book provides a broad overview of the basic tools for sequence analysis. It is a good starting point for the reader who wants to learn about the types of tools used in bioinfomatics and how to get started. For biologists approaching this subject for the first time, it will be a very useful handbook to keep on the shelf after the first reading, close to the computer." --Terry Gaasterland, The Rockefeller University

An important contribution to a cutting edge field.
This book represents an very important contribution to the emerging field of bioinformatics. There is a vast, and continually growing, amount of resources available for the analysis of DNA and protein sequences. The difficulty comes is making in sense of all it all, and organizing it in the most productive manner possible. This work is one of the few texts -- and certainly the most current -- to address this issue and provide realistic and usable systems to accomplish that. It should be required reading for anyone wishing to remain up-to-date in this rapidly changing field. This is one "practical guide" that really is!
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