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Antenna Theory

von Constantine A. Balanis

Kategorie: Allgemein
ISBN: 0471592684

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An excellent text on antennas
Any one who have had an introductory course on electromagnetics may use this book either as a reference for an antenna design or as a perfect learning material. Balanis' clear, informative language, enhanced with many illustrations help the student to understand the subject easily. Due to its wide range of topics, the book is of invaluable help for an antenna designer. The diskette provided with the book includes FORTRAN codes for many practical design problems and frees the reader from complicated formulas. A must have for any enginneer involved in the subject!

The antenna data base!
One of the most usefull books I've ever had

This text has been a standard in graduate antenna theory classes for years. The first edition was also well written, but the author has reorganized some of the chapters and better explains some of the more advanced topics. This is the only text I'll ever use for my intro to antenna theory classes.
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