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Term Rewriting and All That

von Tobias Nipkow

ISBN: 0521779200

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You'd even better love formal logic :)
I have used this book for the lecture "Automated Reasoning" at Saarbruecken University. I don't know which other lectures at which universities the first commentator tried to understand with this book, but in my case it has been VERY useful! The mass of examples in the book helped me to understand the algorithms introduced in the lecture much better. Also the use of ML facilitates the understanding of the procedures. Every chapter features an abstract, so you know what is coming ahead of you. Of course if you dislike this whole field of theoretical computer science (and its equations :), then you will also dislike Tobias Nipkow's book. My opinion: a highly structured, well comprehensible and useful book!

Buy only if You Attend Lecture
This is one of the few occurrences where a book is more confusing than the accompanying lecture ("Logik", held by Tobias Nipkow, one of the authors, at the Technical University Munich).
Code snippets in various programming languages serve only to obfuscate the meaning of the sections in which they are used. In my opinion, this book is only suitable as a reference if you are attending Mr. Nipkow's lecture, but if you do, it is not entirely useless (that's why I gave it two stars).

You'd better love equations
My main criticism of this book is its title. As a computer science graduate student, I was looking for a somewhat accessible book on the field of term rewriting, and the title of this book made me think it might fulfill my needs. Although the book seems fairly comprehensive, it is very difficult to understand. In fact, I have read several of the papers listed in this book's bibliography and found them more comprehensible. If your math skills are very good, and you prefer equations to english, this may be the book for you.
> Term Rewriting and All That
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