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Essential System Administration

von Aeleen Frisch

ISBN: 0596003439

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THE UNIX System Admin. Book
From the book--" This book is the foundation volume for O'Reilly & Associates' system administration series...provides you with the fundamental information needed by everyone who takes care of UNIX systems...consciously avoids trying to be all things to all people; the other books in the series treat individual topics in 'complete' detail." This book gives he reader a good understanding of what goes on under the hood of a UNIX system, without getting you bogged down in the details, and also points out the diff. and sim. b/w many variants of the OS(BSD,SCO,AIX,...). You need to know a little about scripts and a few tools to get the most of the book, it's not for complete beginners, but it is very clearly written. I had been using Linux for about 9 months before buying this book, and had worked with SCO and SunOS on the job for about 5 or so years(off and on). Almost every page had an answer to a question I have asked myself over that time. "UNIX Power Tools"(1-56592-260-3)works really well as a companion book to this one. tells the ins and outs of the commands and such.

A good book for part-time system administrators
As an user of the UNIX systems(I am a DBA). I found this book extremely valuable. It's easy to read and helped me a lot by putting pieces togather. I recommend this book for anyone who knows UNIX in general but what to get into the system administration side of it.

Linux users need this book
I am fairly new to Linux, and started by purchasing a number of O'Reilly's other titles on Linux. Some of them were very good, some of them not so good. While I have two working Linux boxes on my company network, I still had many unanswered questions about why things worked the way they did. I initially avoided this book because it was for Unix system administration, however, in a fit of desperation I purchased it and it has been *the* most useful general purpose book I have purchased for using Linux.

Certainly there are a number of specific purpose books that cover many of the topics presented here in greater detail, however, for an overview of the entire system--how it works and why it works the way it does this book is indespensable.

All you Linux users out there should get this book!
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