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Games and Information

von Eric Rasmusen

Kategorie: Spieltheorie
ISBN: 0631210954

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From Book News, Inc. In this second edition, new topics and more exercises have been added, references updated, and the entire book reworked for clarity. The discussion of existence theorems has been dropped, and the section on moral hazard reorganized. New topics include auditing games, nuisance suits, recoordination in equilibria, renegotiation in contracts, supermodularity, signal jamming, market microstructure, and government procurement. The author relies on explanation rather than proofs when possible. Problems are included in each chapter. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

Synopsis The main strengths of "Games and Information" over two editions have been comprehensive coverage, clarity of style, and especially good examples. A particular strength is the development of the important Bayesian Nash Equilibrium model. The new edition features: a web site to include detailed problem set answers, supplements used by the author to teach the course, links to game theory sites, and additional author notes. Detailed answers to problems are taken from the book to appear on the web...

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