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Digital Systems Design with VHDL and Synthesis: An Integrated Approach

von Kou-Chuan Chang

Kategorie: Allgemein
ISBN: 0769500234

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Great Reference, not for beginners
This book is not for beginners. It seems great as a reference, with clear examples and good discussion on each line of the examples. Along with the associated synthesized logic diagrams, it helps make the examples clear. The minuses are that he jumps right into an example, with no help as to how to write VHDL files, setup, or other help. You must know already how to write basic VHDL. Also, as with most books that have great content, the index is very poor.

Excellent referrence material
KC Chang did it again! I have Mr. Chang's 1st edition of this text, and I have found it to be an excellent reference material for VHDL design. I read through the text, and I have discovered that his method of explination is both CLEAR and CONCISE. In other words, it is to the point. The codes are explained step-by-step and relevant topics are given further explination...this is extremely helpful for those designing with VHDL. It is a wise investment for my technical career in high speed digital design.

The text from Kevin Skahill is another text that complements this one. Bhaskers is another good complement also. Choose any of the three...THEY ARE ALL GOOD.

The best book I have read on VHDL so far!
The book organization is unique in that the codes are all complete from beginning to end with line numbers. The author explains the relevant codes line by line. However, as the book progresses, he explains less details of the codes. Another unique feature (the best feature) is that every code comes with synthesized circuits along with synthesis commands of how to optimize for different goals (i.e. best timing or best area). The practical examples are real life examples (i.e. microprocessor, FIFO, FIR filter, DRAM etc.) The reader will also get design fundamentals of the above examples. Overall, an excellent book!
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