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Pluto and Charon (Space Science)

von Luisa Cesana

Kategorie: Kosmologie
ISBN: 0816518408

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A Brand New Perspective On Our Solar System
A well written historic perspective on our outer-most-planet that by books' end will change your view of our solar system.

A thoroughly enjoyable easy-to-read book. More hard science/discovery books should be written this way.

It's not just the facts that are amazing but the proven-wrong theories we use to have on Pluto. Too bad we're still waiting for our first encounter with this mysterious planet. If history proves right, the Voyager probes were just another step in our discovering the 'real' solar system.

A truly, truly fun read
What I really liked about this book was the very irreverent tone which did not take away one bit from the scientific rigor of the presentation. The authors have a sense of humor and a genuine passion for their subject and it shows. I also liked the fact that in order to present the history of the Pluto/Charon system the book had to explain the latest hot-off-the-presses revolution in our understanding of the evolution of the Solar System. This was the first time I have been exposed to the idea of massive planets cleaning out all the early system planetisimals and the implications for the formation of the Kuiper Belt and other solar systems. It's rare to find a serious science book which is hard to put down, but this is it. Great exposition, great story, great book.

a very good and pleasing book. Has a lot of information.
This was a wonderful book. It was absolutely amazing. The report I used this book to do I got an A 100% +75 bonus points! It was very entertaning. I would give it more stars if I could.
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