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Structural Steel Drafting

von David C. MacLaughlin

Kategorie: Stahlbau
ISBN: 0827373139

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President, North Bend Drafting, 20. Juni 2000 Rezensentin/Rezensent: Raymond K. Ritchie aus Coos Bay, Oregon I have been a Steel Detailer for 14 years. I found the book interesting and well thought out. The book is split into two sections. The first is for the Structural Design shop and the second for the Detailing shop.

What the author covers, he covers in a thorough manner. I would like to have seen a section on horizontal and vertical bracing, which was not even mentioned in the book.

Many of the authors example detail drawings left out some information which the shop might find helpful. For instance, stantard hole size for the drawing or the distance from the end of a clip angle to the end of the cut member. The author states that because there is an "industry standard" that this information does not have to be shown. He explains that 13/16 holes are the standard size, and so no notation is required on a drawing if 13/16 holes are used. It has been my experience that this information may be "industry standard," but the shops I have draw for all require it on the detail drawings.

Trying to use this book to train a new detailer is a challenge. The drafting standard used to create the examples in the detailing section may be "industry standard," but it does not quite meet my standard. It is an OK book, but not perfect. War diese Rezension für Sie hilfreich?  


5 stars for Structural Steel Detailing by David MacLaughlin, 27. Februar 1999 Rezensentin/Rezensent: aus Dallas, Tx This is a well thought out, carefully organized and well documented introduction to structural steel drafting. I am in a related industry and bought the book to further acquaint myself with the subject. I feel that I certainly got my money's worth, and congratulate the author on his conscientious and thoughtful presentation. War diese Rezension für Sie hilfreich?  

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