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Dental Ethics at Chairside

von David T. Ozar

Kategorie: Medizinische Ethik
ISBN: 0878407596

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From Book News, Inc. Ozar (philosophy, Loyola U.) and Sokol (private practitioner of general dentistry and health law) discuss the intellectual tools that dentists can apply to thinking about ethical issues in the practice of their profession. After a general discussion of professional ethics, chapters treat such topics as social justice and access to care, the HIV-positive care giver, HIV in patients, patient education and cooperation, professional collaboration, and patients with compromised capacity.Book News, Inc.®, Portland, OR

Synopsis In this text, the authors present a practical guide to contemporary ethical questions for the dental community at large. Starting with the dentist's fundamental professional obligation and central values, it examines the assumptions behind published codes and opinions. Topics and case studies include ethical advertising, competition and communication between dentists, the dentist's obligation versus personal risk, economic issues, conflicts of interest between patient and dentist, patients with...

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