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Claiming Power Over Life: Religion and Biotechnology Policy

von Mark J. Hanson

Kategorie: Biotechnologie
ISBN: 0878408649

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Synopsis Developments in biotechnology, such as cloning and the decoding of the human genome, are generating questions and choices that traditionally have fallen within the realm of religion and philosophy: the definition of human life, human vs. divine control of nature, the relationsip between human and non-human life, and the intentional manipulation of the mechanisms of life and death. In "Claiming Power over Life", eight contributors challenge policymakers to recognize the value of religious views on biotechnology and discuss how best to integrate the wisdom of the Christian and Jewish traditions into public policy debates. Arguing that civic discourse on the subject has been impoverished by an inability to accommodate religious insights productively, they identify the ways in which religious thought can contribute to policymaking. Likewise, the authors challenge religious leaders and scholars to learn about biotechnology, address the central issues it raises, and participate contstructively in the moral debates it engenders. This book wil be of value to policymakers, religious leaders, ethicists, and all those interested in issues surrounding the intersection of religion and biotechnology policy.

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