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Textbook of Hyperbaric Medicine

von K. K. Jain

Kategorie: Sportmedizin
ISBN: 0889372039

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From Book News, Inc. An explanation of the medical use of pressurized oxygen which arose originally in the treatment of conditions arising from diving accidents and carbon monoxide poisoning. Jain (American College of Hyperbaric Medicine), after discussing basic aspects of the field, explores clinical applications in areas such as stroke, CNS and neurological disorders, traumatology ad wound healing, infectious diseases, rehabilitation and sports medicine, plastic surgery, emergency medicine, obstetrics, and cancer treatment.Book News, Inc.®, Portland, OR

Synopsis This textbook, now in its 3rd edition, updates material on hyperbaric medicine and the wide range of applications of hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) techniques. In addition to explaining the basic principles of HBO therapy, and its application in carbon monoxide poisoning and decompression sickness, the textbook aims to look objectively and critically at its use in numerous other areas, such as stroke, CNS and neurological disorders, traumatology and wound healing, infectious diseases, rehabilitation...

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