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Molecular Diagnosis of Cancer (Methods in Molecular Medicine)

von Finbarr E. Cotter

Kategorie: Onkologie
ISBN: 0896033414

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From Book News, Inc. A guide to the latest molecular techniques for diagnosing and monitoring hematological and solid tumors, highlighting research in polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Offers step-by-step demonstrations of the use of PCR, FISH, CGH, Southern analysis, sequencing, and SSCP to assess cancer markers, to detect minimal disease and apoptosis, and to uncover particular translocation, mutations, and deletions. For physicians and researchers in the field of diagnostics. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.

Synopsis A guide to the molecular techniques used in the diagnosis and monitoring of cancer. This text discusses techniques, including FISH, Southern Analysis, Sequencing and SSCP, and examines their potential applications to cancer. It opens with an introduction analyzing the advent of molecular diagnostics in cancer and outlining the most frequently used techniques. The book then focuses on the use of molecular techniques when analyzing haematological malignancies, followed by a similar analysis of...

molecular diagnosis of cancer
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