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Bioremediation Protocols (Methods in Biotechnology, Vol 2)

von David Sheehan

Kategorie: Biotechnologie
ISBN: 0896034372

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Book News, Inc. This volume presents leading researchers' genetic, chemical, and analytical techniques for studying specific pollutants and their remediation. Procedures range from cell immobilization and screening to microbiological and analytical chemistry methods that are applied to such environmental pollutants as hydrocarbons, PAHs, PCBs, TBT, and heavy metals. Also included are illuminating reviews and case studies intended to expand the useful range of the methods, with discussion of such major issues in bioremediation as the design and use of bioreactors, genetic manipulation, and the preparation and analysis of environmental samples. -- Copyright © 1999 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR All rights reserved

Synopsis International scientists present best genetic, chemical and analytical procedures for studying specific pollutants common in the environment. They give special attention to hydrocarbons and PCBs and describe analyzing methods for the measurement of pollutants and their potential effects. They also emphasize the potential of cell immobilization, bioreactors and genetics to bioremediate environmental samples. Although the protocols are specific to particular situations, options are outlined for...

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