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Clinical Management of Diabetic Neuropathy (Contemporary Endocrinology, Vol 7)

von Aristidis Veves

Kategorie: Endokrinologie & Stoffwechsel
ISBN: 089603528X

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From Book News, Inc. In 20 papers geared to physicians of all specialties who encounter neuropathy-related problems, global contributors overview the knowledge base on one of the most common complications of diabetes which can affect virtually every organ/system of the body and daily life activity. Emphasis is on the causes, clinical features, and management of the various syndromes generally quite amenable to treatment. Topics include: the epidemiology, diagnosis, histology, pharmacological, and nonpharmacological treatment of diabetic neuropathy; aldose reductase inhibitors and other potential therapeutic treatment agents; autonomic neuropathy and heart disease; diabetic impotence; gastrointestinal disorders; exercise; and foot problems. Book News, Inc.®, Portland, OR

Synopsis In this volume, medical specialists critically review for the general practitioner the latest techniques for the clinical management of diabetic neuropathy. These contributors focus on the practical aspects of diabetic neuropathy and describe in detail the treatments that are available or expected to become available in the near future. They also include concise discussions of the causes of diabetic neuropathy and highlight the relatively unknown features of neuropathy that can significantly...

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