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Human Cloning (Biomedical Ethics Reviews)

von James M. Humber

Kategorie: Genetik
ISBN: 0896035654

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From Book News, Inc. Seven medical ethicists, philosophers, religious thinkers, and social critics confront the Pandora's box of issues raised by the imminent prospect of cloning humans a la Huxley's 1932 and the 1997 cloning of Dolly the sheep. They define cloning, describe the procedure and its history, analyze the moral and religious arguments pro and con, and evaluate the recommendations of the National Bioethics Advisory Commission. Book News, Inc.®, Portland, OR

Synopsis In "Human Cloning" a panel of distinguished philosophers medical ethicists religious thinkers and social critics tackle the thorny problems raised by the now real possibility of human cloning. In their wide ranging reviews, the distinguished contributors critically examine the major arguments for and against human cloning, probe the implications of such a procedure for society, and critically evaluate the Report and Recommendations of the National Bioethics Advisory Commission. The debate...

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