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Developmental Biology Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology, 125) Vol. 1

von Rocky S. Tuan

Kategorie: Entwicklungsbiologie
ISBN: 0896038521

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From Book News, Inc. In this three-volume comb-bound laboratory manual, an interdisciplinary team of investigators provide principles, background, rationale, and step-by-step instructions for studying and analyzing the events of embryonic development. The 142 chapters cover systems--production, culture, and storage; developmental pattern and morphogenesis; embryo structure and function; cell lineage analysis; chimeras; experimental manipulation of embryos; application of viral vectors; organogenesis; abnormal development and teratology; screening and mapping of novel genes and mutations; transgenesis production and gene knockout; manipulation of developmental gene expression and function; analysis of gene expression; models of morphogenesis and development; and in virto models and analysis of differentiation and development. Contains b&w and color illustrations. Edited by Tuan (Thomas Jefferson U.) and Lo (U. of Pennsylvania). Comb binding.Book News, Inc.®, Portland, OR

Synopsis Available separately or in a three volume set, this work is a highly practical laboratory manual that will be of great use to students and teachers of developmental biology at all levels.

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