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Embryonic Stem Cells: Methods and Protocols

von Kursad Turksen

Kategorie: Entwicklungsbiologie
ISBN: 0896038815

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Synopsis Embryonic stem cells are one of the most discussed biomedical issues of the day as they have generated new possibilities for increasing our understanding of cell lineages and differentiation. ES cells are providing a limitless source of specific cell populations, and this book provides the detailed methods for use of ES cells to study various lineages and tissue types. The first part of the volume includes detailed protocols for ES cell isolation, maintenance, modulation of gene expression, and studies of ES cell cycle and apoptosis. It also provides the necessary protocols to generate diverse cell and tissue types including blood, endothelium, skeletal muscle, cardiac muscle, neurons, osteoclasts, melonocytes, and keratinocytes. The second part of the volume provides protocols that have tremendous utility with ES cells and their differentiated progeny. These include the use of cDNA arrays in gene expression analysis, and phage display antibody libraries to generate antibodies against very rare antigens.

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