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Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology (3rd Ed) (Biological Physics Series)

von Russell K. Hobbie

Kategorie: Biophysik
ISBN: 1563964589

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From Book News, Inc. A text for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students in biophysics, biological physics, physiology, medical physics, cell biology, and biomedical engineering who have had prior courses in physics and calculus. Coverage includes impulses in nerve and muscle cells, biomagnetism, atoms and light, X-rays, nuclear medicine, and MRI. Includes chapter exercises, and 17 mathematical appendices. This third edition contains new material on the circulatory system, the logistics question, countercurrent transport, nonlinear systems, sensory transducers, and image formation. Distributed by Springer-Verlag. Book News, Inc.®, Portland, OR

Synopsis Aimed at advanced undergraduates and beginning graduate students who have had a prior course in physics and calculus, this text is designed to bridge the gap between introductory physics and its application to the life sciences. This third edition adds new material, including: the circulatory system; the logistics question; counter-transport; non-linear systems; image formation; and sensory transducers. Numerous problems test students' understanding, and chapters include bibliographies for...

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