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I-Net+ Exam Cram (Exam Cram (Coriolis Books))

von Emmett A. Dulaney

Kategorie: i-Net+
ISBN: 157610673X

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Used for both INET+ and CIW Foundations exam!
CompTIA has created a new stir in the computer industry with once again giving a certification that is vendor neutral and once again right in the heart of the IT profession. Coriolis has given everyone the opportunity to pass the new exam and this book makes short work of the exam.

Compiling with every exam objective the Exam Cram for INET+ is the perfect study companion for your quest for success. The book includes a "Cram Sheet", exam questions, tips, hints and suggestions as well as need to know more sections.

As with most Exam Cram books, this one is about 350 pages packed with pictures, diagrams and the essential information you'll need. Having taken the exam twice and passing the second time I know this book would have helped the first time around and saved me serious cash in the process.

Costing $29.99, or one sixth of the exam price, this book is the first step. Stop wasting time, grab a copy and give yourself the best possible chance you won't be disappointed. Congratulations Coriolis on a job very well done.

By the way I passed both exams with 90% or better using this book.

Good book to pass exam
Bottom Line: Read this book cover to cover and do the practice exams, and you will pass no problem. I say this given almost any skill level.

No Surprises Here.....
Just like the majority of the Exam Cram titles, this one doesn't let you down. It's packed full of practice questions that can get you in the right frame of mind to take and pass the i-Net+. Is it the only book I would use to study for the exam? No way! If you can pick-up something like the 'All in One i-Net+ Certification Exam Guide' along with this book, you'll hedge your bets and re-enforce the knowledge that you'll pick up with this little jewel. It's definitely part of the equation in passing the i-Net+.
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