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International Electronic Countermeasures Handbook : 2000 Edition

von Journal of Electronic Defense

Kategorie: Fernerkundung
ISBN: 1580531555

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From Book News, Inc. Provides military and defense-industry decision makers in the fields of procurement, development and operational planning with a country- by-country indication of existing offensive and defensive electromagnetic capabilities, such as jammers, warning systems and missiles. The current edition adds new threat and protection systems. Pictures are provided for many products.Book News, Inc.®, Portland, OR

Synopsis The year 2000 version of this electronic countermeasures handbook examines all types of protection systems in service worldwide - from missile approach and radar warning receivers, jamming systems and ECM suites to naval and air-borne decoy systems and expendables. This new edition contains information on 37 new systems, and features updated data on individual companies, product descriptions, and more. The book also describes known threats, providing details of missiles which can be launched...

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