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School Violence: Assessment, Management, Prevention

von Mohammad Shafii

Kategorie: Pädagogische Psychologie
ISBN: 1585620092

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Synopsis The statistics are appalling. Between 8% and 10% of U.S. high school students carry guns to school every day. In a typical midsize city, 30 to 50 cases of school violence are reported daily, and half of these cases involve guns. School Violence: Assessment, Management, Prevention shows us the reality behind the statistics. Its distinguished contributors include leading clinicians, researchers, school counselors, and legal authorities who closely examine every aspect of this complex epidemic, challenging us to solve this multifaceted public health problem and offering concrete recommendations on how to do it. Part I of this comprehensive volume discusses the multiple contributing factors in creating violent children and violence-prone schools. Part II details the diagnostic assessment, management, and treatment of children and adolescents who have the potential for or have threatened school violence. Part III presents the legal aspects of school violence, offering a uniquely insightful view - by the plaintiff attomey for the victims of school violence in Paducah, Kentucky - of the Tarasoff case and its ramifications. Part IV details effective prevention measures, from innovative treatment techniques to the teaching of tolerance and conflict resolution skills. Psychiatric practitioners, clinical social workers, pediatricians, art and activity therapists, school counselors and administrators, and other educators and mental health care professionals - and concerned adults - who want help prevent violence in our schools and minimize its traumatic effects on children, parents, and the community at large will appreciate this lucid, indepth treatment of what has become one of today's most disturbing issues.

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