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von Andrew Bender

Kategorie: Amsterdam
ISBN: 1740590929

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Not worth it
A useless attempt at a guide book. The writing in unengaging, the maps distorted and misleading, the information given on sights and accomodation far from reliable. It seems the guide is at pains to try to tell the traveller what they can do in Amsterdam--I say, find another guide, or do it on your own. This guide won't help, it will make you a few bucks poorer (and won't list good budget housing--I found accomodation not mentioned in the guide at a fraction of the lowest price published in the guide--complete with a room of my own), and more frustrated.

Good background information
I read most of this book through before I travelled to the Netherlands, but didn't end up using it while I was there. I used the Rough Guide far more while tramping around. It does have lots of great background information, so it was worth the time I spent reading. But it does lack spirit. If you choose this guidebook, supplement it with Joe Pauker's Cool Guide to Amsterdam, which will get you into the coffeeshops and the underground culture.

From History to Hemp: a comprehensive guide
I used this Lonely Planet guide on a recent trip to Amsterdam; it was invaluable! I planned most of my excursions based on the in-depth information provided and was never led astray. I liked how the author didn't make assumptions about my personal tastes, but covered all sorts of museums and coffeeshops and shopping leaving me free to choose my path. I also appreciated the interesting history of Amsterdam included with the book and sprinkled in throughout the neighborhood descriptions. If you are a traveller that savors the anticipation of the trip, this guide provides hours of reading before you even arrive! The maps included were all I needed to navigate the city.
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