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von Krzysztof Dydynski

ISBN: 174104197X

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Traveler's bible to Venezuela
If you are traveling to Venezuela, this is the book that I recommend you buy. Unfortunately, I did not buy this book before I moved down there. I went down with two other travel guides and threw both of them out. I met some ex-pats down there and borrowed their copies until I could get my own copy down there.

It is true that the prices have risen. The tourist industry, also, charges more for foreigners. Once people starting recognizing my speech as a Venezuelan, I got much cheaper deals on trips. It is a good idea to talk to locals, too. They can tell you of great places to stay and give you invaluable information, plus they are really friendly.

Some of the information will be outdated, especially since the mudslides in December. I recommend visiting Venezuela to anyone who is considering it. The country is beautiful and full of wonderful people.

Invaluable for the maps, but little else!
This guide has superb maps that are invaluable in a country that does not believe in signs. Unfortunately, that is about all the positive press I can give it. First, it is out of date and many of the hotels and resturants it recommends no longer exists. Second, the index is horrifically inadequate. Third, many of the descriptions are down right wrong. The Hotel Colonial in Ciudad Bolivar, for example, was called "Old World" and the "the best in town". Hardly, the places is overpriced and poorly decorated. The "Gran Hotel Amazonas", however, in Puerto Ayacucho, which is most likely the most beautiful hotel in Venezuela and only 20 per night for a double, is hardly credited a mention.

The coverage of the Amazon and the Gran Sabana is much better in the Bradt guide, especially if you are taking a car.

In the abscence of a solid Venezuela guide, we recommend a combination of Lonely Planet and either the Bradt or another guide.

One last note, this book, like all Lonely Planets is quite well made and can be trusted not to fall apart, not something that can be said of most budget travel guides.

Lonely Planet Guide - Venezuela
The Lonely Planet guide to Venezuela had a lot of inaccurate information! The prices quoted in the book were way off. The budget hotels they recommended were very dirty and usually had a "bad reputation" amongst the locals. I would not recommend this book to people traveling to Venezuela. There are better guidebooks out there. Basically, we threw out the book after 3-4 days as everything in it seemed to be outdated or grossly inaccurate. For very general information, it's ok - but take it with a grain of salt.
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