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Physics of Nonneutral Plasmas

von Ronald C. Davidson

Kategorie: Mathematische Physik
ISBN: 1860943039

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Synopsis A nonneutral plasma is a many-body collection of charged particles in which there is not overall charge neutrality. The diverse areas of application of nonneutral plasmas include: precision atomic clocks, trapping of antimatter plasmas and antihydrogen production, quantum computers, nonlinear vortex dynamics and fundamental transport processes in trapped nonneutral plasmas, strongly-coupled one-component plasmas and Coulomb crystals, coherent radiation generation in free electron devices, such as free electron lasers, magnetrons and cyclotron masers, and intense charged particle beam propagation in periodic focusing accelerators and transport systems, to mention a few examples. This is a graduate-level text - complete with 138 assigned problems and the results from several classic experiments - which covers a broad range of topics related to the fundamental properties of collective processes and nonlinear dynamics of one-component and multispecies charged particle systems in which there is not overall charge neutrality. The theoretical analysis includes the full influence of dc space charge effects on detailed equilibrium, stability and transport properties.

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