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von Jeanne Oliver

Kategorie: Kroatien
ISBN: 1864503327

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Finally a travel guide for Croatia. For several years, Croatia was left out of the various larger, multiple-country guidebooks; somehow it wasn't considered a part of Eastern Europe or Central Europe! I have worked in this country for about two years, and recently had the opportunity to explore the coast with the help of this book. The information was excellent and quite accurate, considering a year or more has passed since the publication and much has changed in that time. The only quibbles: some mistakes in the pronunciation guide, and the suggestion that people try swimming in the Drava River, which is polluted--a friend of mine wound up in the hospital for a week after taking a dip. My colleagues and I had to laugh at that recommendation! Like most tourist information on Croatia, the book is strong on the Adriatic and weak on the rest of the country--admittedly, not quite as spectacular, but with some places of interest nonetheless. The book is compact, the perfect size for toting around, and includes lots of intriguing historical sidebars. It will need updating soon, as the country is going through considerable change.

Good, But Already Dated
For a first edition travel guide, this book is excellent. Full of useful travel information and historical context. However, Croatia is changing massively and rapidly. It went from communism to authoritarianism to... maybe democracy this year. It went through wars and occupation and is rebuilding every day. It experienced massive migrations and refugee flows. Some of the information in this book (particularly in Eastern Slavonia) was already dated as the book went to press, there needs to be an annual update.

What a travel guide!
As someone who travels to Croatia fequently, this book is by far the best guide money can buy. I've used other, more expensive books, but this one is the most up-to-date book I've encountered. It's also packed with TONS of useful travel information including that which is necessary for the budget travler.
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