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von Julie Fanselow

Kategorie: Texas
ISBN: 1864503750

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A Necessity for Visitors to the Lone Star State
Lonely Planet's Texas does an admirable job of covering the Lone Star State. The book is well balanced, and its entries are complete, yet concise. The painstakingly researched "Facts about Texas" section makes an excellent introduction to Texas traditions, as its Food and Arts subsections explain the state's culinary and cultural offerings well. LP Texas breaks the state down into nine distinct geographic regions, which makes trip planning much easier given the Texas' long driving distances. All major towns and tourist destinations boast entries, and their respective attraction, accommodation and food listings are ample. One of the book's greatest selling points is the local slant the authors have applied to the regional sections and the individual town and attraction entries. The guide's only drawback is the writing in some parts, where the author's tone is at times preachy and at others downright condescending. On the whole LP Texas makes an essential companion for anyone visiting the state.

good travel companion
One rarely comes across a guidebook which both fulfills its informative purpose and is funny enough to keep you amused. LP Texas is this kind of guide. As usual, lodgings info and prices are a bit outdated since edition time, but as general orientation they are fine. One part of the book which definitely needs editing is the index which is very weak.
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