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Biotechnology, Vol.11a, Environmental Processes

von Hans-Jürgen Rehm

Kategorie: Ingenieurbiologie
ISBN: 3527283218

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Book Description This user-friendly reference provides the most systematic, up-to-date coverage available in the dynamic and ever-expanding area of biotechnology. Completely revised, restructured, and updated, this new edition spans the field from basic concepts to industrial applications. Volume 11a is the first of two volumes devoted to environmental biotechnology, devoted to waste and wastewater treatment processes essential to sustainable developments.

Synopsis This volume on environmental processes gives an overview on the processes of waste and wastewater treatment. Part I deals with general aspects: measuring techniques, processes for aerobic, anoxic, and anaerobic treatment of wastewater, sludge and biowaste are presented, the respective threshold values, methods of modelling and predictive models are discussed. Processes of wastewater treatment are the contents of Part II: providing practical information on origins and composition of wastewater...

Ingenieurbiologie > Biotechnology, Vol.11a, Environmental Processes
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