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Biotechnology, Vol.12, Legal, Economic and Ethical Dimensions

von Dieter Brauer

Kategorie: Ingenieurbiologie
ISBN: 3527283226

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From Book News, Inc. The second edition of this multi-volume, comprehensive treatise is planned for 12 volumes, of which v.4 is the first to make it into print. The 12 volumes are to be organized in three sections of four volumes each on: the fundamentals from biological, biochemical, molecular biological, and chemical engineering perspectives; products of industrial relevance; and special topics. The present volume reflects the impact of computer technology, especially in the areas of measurement and control. It describes monitoring of the biotechnological process, use of the resulting data by means of mathematical models, and computer-aided closed loop control for improvement of the productivity of biotechnological processes. While v.4 can be used independently, v.3 Bioprocessing (unseen), is a companion volume. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

Kurztext Englisch "Biotechnology" is extraordinarily broad in scope, up-to-date, carefully structured and well balanced. It takes into account all recent developments in biotechnology. It considers both basic concepts and widely-differing industrial applications: it is a successful synthesis of theory and practice. Any scientist aiming for success in industrial biotechnology, biochemistry, molecular biology and chemical engineering may turn to "Biotechnology"

Ingenieurbiologie > Biotechnology, Vol.12, Legal, Economic and Ethical Dimensions
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