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Electrochemical Nanotechnology

von Wolfgang J. Lorenz

Kategorie: Nanotechnologie
ISBN: 3527295208

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From Book News, Inc. Reports the progress to date in using electrochemical technology at atomic and molecular levels both to characterize interfaces and local surface reactions or to prepare them for further processing. Covers general aspects, roughness and interface structure, surface modifications, nucleation and electrodeposition, oxide layers and corrosion, semiconductors, and scanning tunneling microscopy and complementary methods. Among the 23 papers are discussions of electrochemistry and nanotechnology, electrodes with a defined mesoscopic structure, scanning probe microscopy studies of molecular redox films, nucleation and growth at metal electrode surfaces, the local probing of electrochemical interfaces in corrosion research, processing surfaces of semiconductors at the atomic level, and instrument design and prospects for nuclear-magnetic-resonance electrochemistry. Book News, Inc.®, Portland, OR

Book Description The most common type of electrochemical interface is the surface of a metal in contact with water, e.g. the body of a car when it's raining. Traditional techniques for investigating the corrosion processes occurring in this situation deal with relatively large parts of the surfaces - analyzing the amount of rust formed per square inch for example. This book explains the current state of the art of analytical techniques for the study of interfaces bringing the latest developments from basic...

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