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Tumescent Local Anesthesia

von C. William Hanke

Kategorie: Dermatologie
ISBN: 3540665447

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Synopsis This book describes a method of local anaethesia developed by a dermatologist and a pharmacologist, demonstrating its use in cosmetic liposuction and other procedures. Richly illustrated to show details of the technique and with serial photographs of many clinical cases, the book explains the advantages of this new technique of tumescent local anaesthesia and provides practical instruction in how to perform it.

Umschlagtext Since the introduction of Tumescent Local Anesthesia by Dermatologist and Pharmacologist J.A. Klein, this method of subcutaneous infiltration of large volumes of diluted anesthetic has been more rapidly adopted by doctors all over the world than any other anesthetic method before. Initially invented for cosmetic liposuction, the unsurpassed safety of the procedure has led to many new indications. Today, the advantages are used by dermatologists, general surgeons and plastic surgeons,...

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