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Anschreibenübersetzung ins Englisch
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BeitragVerfasst am: 10 Okt 2007 - 21:09:41    Titel: Anschreibenübersetzung ins Englisch

Hi Leute,
ich will für eine ganze Reihe von Bewerbungen dieses englische Anschreiben als Basis verwenden. Wenn ihr also etwas Erfahrung mit englischen bewerbungen habt, wärs super, wenn ihr mal drüberlesen könntet - vielen Dank im Voraus Smile

I apply for a placement at Futuremark Corporation Finland in the content- and community-management section. The placement is a part of my study‘s last semester of media management at the University of Applied Sciences Mittweida, Germany. With a high technical affinity and a special interest in your engaged community I would be very glad to work together with Futuremark Corporation. I can begin the placement at 15th March 2008.

My study delivers a widespread theoretic knowledge about different parts of the media business. A main part of the study is media production with a lot of practical tasks. The focus is on webdesign and journalism. Another important subject is the marketing- and public-relations-aspect. I learned how marketing works and which instruments can be used. With projects as the “Medienforum Mittweida” this knowledge was transferred to practical use. The third aspect of my study is the commercial part of media management, consisting of business studies, mathmatics and stochastic.

To gain experience under the real circumstances of free enterprise I absolved different placements in public relations and journalism. Especially my placement at the “4iMEDIA” pr-agency trained my skills to write press releases, deal with media relations and STOP media responses. With my work at the “Krawall” online magazine I learned how journalists handle the public relation attempts in the game-software market and how game-publishers organize their marketing.

Due personal interests such as publishing the digital magazine „Brückenkopf“ for more than five years, I gained desktop-publishing and teamwork know-how. In this project I also extended my skills in webdesign and programming especially by creating a simple content management system (using PHP and mySQL). Now I am able to communicate and work with professionals to solve problems, regardless if they are content- or technic-related.

During my placement I have to make a graduated project report, so I am highly interested in absolving it as independent and determined as possible. If there is a special project I can undertake, I am willing to prepare for it in the weeks before the placement starts.

If you are interested, I will provide you with all necessary documents. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this letter and my enclosed curriculum vitae.

Yours sincerely,

Tobias Lange
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