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kurzer Dialog...kann das jemand heute noch korrigieren?! =/
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Foren-Übersicht -> Englisch-Forum -> kurzer Dialog...kann das jemand heute noch korrigieren?! =/
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BeitragVerfasst am: 12 März 2008 - 17:58:17    Titel: kurzer Dialog...kann das jemand heute noch korrigieren?! =/

Hallo, ich muss morgen einen Dialog in Englisch halten. Ich bin aber leider eine totale Niete in Sprachen =( Vielleicht kann mir ja jemand den Text korrigieren und wenn Zeit auch ein paar Verbesserungsvorschläge machen....Vielen lieben dank schonmal im voraus.
Liebe Grüße, Jule

M: Hey sweetheart! How was school? Is everything okay with you? Lately you are so strange.
R: Strange?
M: Well… you are in a good temper all the time and you do a lot for school. Furthermore you are dressed in a very good way…so straight…and you comb your hair. You are in love, aren´t you? Come on, tell me something about the girl…Do I know her?
F: In love? Me? No, what do you think about me? Currently the school is amazing. It properly does so much fun to go and to learn something … Mostly the history lessons with Mr. Ross are great.
He teaches us a lot.
M: Yes?! That´s fantastic, my little boy. What are you doing at the moment?
R: Mr. Ross teaches us simply things which we need for life … Strength through discipline, strength through community, strength through action … Nobody is an outsider anymore …Everybody is accepted and recognised…Nobody is derided and goof on…
M: Slowly, slowly…He teached you something for your life? But you should learn something about history, should you? And why is nobody more an outsider? Thus why do you feel fine? I do not know you anymore… You are exchanged… Happily … Open-minded …
R: Yes of course, we learn historical things … During the last hours we have watched a film about the second world war … But there I did not find so interesting … But all the same … nevertheless… Ask me something!
M: A question? Okay…hmm…When was the First World War?
R: Miss Billing, 1618 till 1648. We must place ourselves and as appeal to Mr. Ross always as I have just done it … Everybody is disciplined and takes part in.
M: Oh my God... I find it fantastically. Nevertheless, also everybody is cooperating certainly and exert to do something right. Nobody laugh at someone. Great. So I find it nice if you feel fine in this community.
R: Yes and you know what are the best?
M: What my sweety? Do you get good marks?
R: Yes that´s too, but, above all, I am accepted now by my schoolbuddies and also I am admired. Mr. Ross has even promised me because I have shown the other who one properly stands to attention and has to answer.
M: On the one hand pleases me of course incredibly for you … However, are there generally still individuals among you? Then, nevertheless, everything strive only for these mottoes … How was this called, nevertheless, immediately? Oh yes, strength through discipline, strength through community, strength through action. Is it
really the sense that one lives only afterwards and cannot freely develop any more because one stands exactly then again as an outsider there?
R: Hmm ... I would not think about that, because I am so happy now.
M: And what do you have there? A wave? Oh, I see yours is called certainly … hmm … How can I call this? Movement?
R: Yes that is our membership card … This symbolises that we are a community. But, nevertheless, you know Laurie, or?
M: Yes of course I know her … Recently I have talked only to her mother. Laurie seems not exactly enthusiastically to be from your fashion, or?!
R: Yes, she is against it… She thinks that pupil like me were manipulated. It is almost the only one who has a problem that we are the same now. She wants to do something against it.
M: Yes, but, nevertheless, this cannot be at all... She does not notice then everyone of you is better in school now? I think she has a problem with the wave because she does not stand in the flare any more. Laurie's mother also thought that she itself feels unwell with the whole thing …
R: Hmmm maybe ... on everybody fall it will be able to do against it nothing... These are meanwhile too many those of the wave belong … And everybody think that the wave are fantastic.
M: then you must not worry about it... I find this on everybody fall well that there, finally, a teacher is to you queuing and manners teaches. He makes no differences between the pupils and immediately everything treated and valued. It seems that Mr Ross not give a damn about you, like some other teachers whether you master your end well or not. Gosh, immediately I must tell to my friend Kerstin what are new at your school…Her little boy will be start the school next year.
R: Hehe…Women.
M: I see sweety, if you need some help tell it to me and I will support you.
R: Yes mum…I know… Thanks…Now I will go in my room and do my homework.
M: Sweet! Do you come to the supper at 19 o´clock, yeah?!
R: Miss Billing, yes!
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Foren-Übersicht -> Englisch-Forum -> kurzer Dialog...kann das jemand heute noch korrigieren?! =/
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