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Wochenaufgabe für Englisch LK
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Anmeldungsdatum: 07.10.2009
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BeitragVerfasst am: 07 Okt 2009 - 23:50:41    Titel: Wochenaufgabe für Englisch LK

Ich muss in dieser Woche Aufgaben zum Buch "a brave new world" von Aldous Huxley machen....bin mir unsicher, ob es in Ordnung wie ich alles formuliert habe und ich hab eine Frage nicht wirklich beantworten können: Describe how people are created in BNW, what is conditioning? How is it achieved?
Kann mir vllt jemand dabei helfen?

Danke im Vorraus Laughing

Hier ist das was ich bisher geschrieben habe:

Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

Pre-reading activity
1. Utopia is an imagination of a world or place which could be possible but which is in general more desirable. It’s often for example a perfect society in a perfect world.
The word Utopia comes from the book “Of the Best State of a Republic, and of the New Island Utopia” which was written 1516 by Thomas More. It’s about a community with a perfect socio-politico-legal system which lives on a fictional island. He put his idea or whish of a perfect world in this story.
2. Dystopia is the opposite of Utopia. It describes often a worse world with for example suffers violence or war. Most of the dystopian novels want to show how the future could look like and probably warn, too. The stories of the novels also criticize the nowadays society or political situation.

While-reading activities
Chapters One, Two and Three: Introduction
3. a) The atmosphere in the first three paragraphs is because of the choice of words cold and sterile. The building is described as big and grey (p.21, l.1) with an enormous room (p.21, l.6.) which is cold (p.21, l.7) and only a harsh thin light (p.21, l.Cool comes through the windows.
The Director shows the students the whole building and the functions which every room has. He seems s to be strict and is the only one who is talking (p.22, l.8 “Straight from the horse’s mouth”) which could show again the coldness because of the silence. Everything has its order.
b) We get to know that the world state is a unified government which controls the whole society. The World State’s motto is Community, Identity and Stability. They start by controlling the ova in the incubators to create an equal community. And through this equality the government promises or wants stability. The state even tries to influence the people while they are sleeping with hypnopaedia. They let them hear a recorded voice which teaches them the state’s moral.

4. First the ova are kept in incubators with a special heat. Then every egg gets checked under the microscope and gets separated. After the fertilization the Alphas and the Betas stay in the incubators. The Gammas, Deltas and Epsilons have to undergo after thirty-six hours Bokanovsky’s Process. In this process the eggs get split into identical copies (idea of equality!). They check their growth and development; they raise “their children” in the hatchery. This process can be repeated several times: from eight to ninety-six buds. Through getting bud out of bud they can create so many new human beings how they like. This shows again the complete control of the government.
5. ?
6. In the first chapter we get to know about the setting and where the story takes place. Then the process of creating human beings is described.
In the second chapter the author writes about the methods which are used to control and influence the state.
In the third chapter the main characters Lenina and Bernhard are introduced. Here tyhe narrative suddenly begins to shift back and forth between three different scenes, splicing in Mustapha Mond’s speech to the boys with scenes of Henry’s conversation in the male changing room and Lenina’s conversation in the female training room. Mond begins to describe life in the time before the World State began its policy of tight control over reproduction, child-rearing, and social relations. He says that without stability, civilization cannot exist. He tries to make the importance of stability clear by saying that before the World State had exist, the instability was caused by strong emotions which led to disease, war, and social unrest that resulted in millions of deaths and untold suffering and misery.
The “parallel” scene takes place in the changing room at the end of the workday. Bernard overhears Henry talking with the Assistant Predestinator about Lenina. The Predestinator suggests a “feely” (a movie involving senses of touch and smell) that Henry might want to attend. While discussing Lenina admiringly, Henry tells the Assistant that he should “have her” some time. The conversation disgusts Bernard.
In the other scene Lenina and her friend Fanny are in the public bathroom. Fanny advises Lenina to be more promiscuous, as a virtuous member of World State should because Lenina was dating Henry already for four months (what is unusual in this community).
Function of the technique: As the Director and Mustapha Mond explain to the boys how the World State works in an abstract way, the “parallel” scenes of Lenina and Bernard show the society in action. The sexual play of the children at recess, the boys’ discomfort at the word mother, Lenina’s relaxed nakedness, and the conversation between Henry and the Predestinator all serve to illustrate how the traditional taboos regarding sexuality have been discarded.

Chapters Four to Six
7. Lenina Crowne:

Lenina Crowne is, like Linda (A Beta-minus, she had worked contentedly in the Fertilizing Room), a Beta. Young and beautiful, she has auburn hair and blue eyes. Employed at the Embryo Room of the Hatchery, Lenina is a shallow person, completely accepting the values of her society without question. However, part of her longs to form a lasting relationship with one man, a desire that is considered ugly and dirty in a society that believes promiscuity is healthy. For this reason, while she is attracted to Henry Foster, she chooses to date Bernard Marx, too. Bernard is a little unusual because he is discontented, and she finds this attractive in spite of herself and in spite of the warnings from her friend Fanny to stay away from him. When she meets John the Savage, she feels tremendous sexual attraction to him, but she has been taught to look down upon love, passion, and commitment. Unable to escape her conditioning, she fears his attraction to her.

Bernard Marx:

Like other members of civilization, Bernard Marx is named after a person whose ideas greatly influenced the society in Brave New World: Karl Marx. Bernard Marx, an Alpha, is a very intelligent man and a specialist in sleep-teaching. He is discontented with society and does not completely accept its values — he hates the casual attitude toward sex, dislikes sports, and prefers to be alone. Some people think Bernard was improperly conditioned — that the chemistry of the womb-like bottle he lived in as a fetus was somehow altered. They point to the fact that Bernard is eight centimeters shorter and considerably thinner than the typical Alpha as evidence that a physical reason exists for his emotional differences. This physical inaccessibility makes Bernard self-conscious, and he is particularly uncomfortable around lower-class people, since they remind him that he physically like his inferiors.

Bernard is a selfish person, trying to bend the rules of society for his own needs and using other people to boost his own fortune. He varies between boasting and self-pity, which annoys his friend Helmholtz Watson. When Bernard discovers the Savage, he realizes that by bringing him back to society he will be able to get revenge against the Director, who has been threatening him with exile to Iceland. The Director's reputation will be ruined when it is revealed he is a father. Bernard also realizes that the Savage will be the key to his acceptance into society, a sort of plaything that everyone will want to see.

Indeed, Bernard brings the Savage home, and suddenly everyone wants to meet and spend time with him and the Savage. Bernard tells himself that people like him because of his discovery, not knowing that behind their backs they are gossiping about him, saying that anyone so odd and so self-absorbed is bound to come to a bad end. He enjoys his new popularity with women and gets angry at John for not cooperating with his attempts to show him off. He believes John is ruining his chances of finally being accepted. Bernard's popularity is predictably just for a short time and in the end he is indeed exiled to Iceland, which makes him very unhappy.

Helmholtz Watson:

Helmholtz Watson is an Alpha-plus, a highly intellectual writer and lecturer. He is a powerfully built, broad-shouldered man with dark curly hair. Although he is a typical handsome Alpha male, he is, like his friend Bernard Marx, a little different from his peers. Watson is just a bit smarter than he is supposed to be, a fact he has only recently discovered.

Watson has a distinguished career as an emotional engineer and writer, making slogans and simplistic rhymes designed to promote the values of society and pacify people. He is frustrated by the limitations of his writing and believes that something more meaningful to write must exist. Because of this unconventional desire, he feels a little like an outsider. He befriends Bernard Marx because he sees in him a similar sense of not belonging, of dissatisfaction, but he is disturbed by Bernard's self-pitying and bragging behavior.

Helmholtz Watson is brilliant, but when the Savage introduces him to Shakespeare's works, he can't completely understand the plays because he is just limited by his conditioning. Watson accepts his exile to the isolated Falkland Islands, hoping that being around other outsiders and living in uncomfortable conditions will inspire his writing.
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falsches forum würd ich ma sagen, ab in das englisch forum damit!!!! Wink
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