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study proposal korrektur
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BeitragVerfasst am: 14 Okt 2011 - 15:00:29    Titel: study proposal korrektur

Lass es mich wissen, wenn du beim drüberfliegen irgendwelche fehler entdeckst. Danke dir!

Regardless of age, citizenship or subject of study, spending some time abroad should be a essential part of each study! Not only out of functional inducement, but also in cause of a deep personal motivation.
During my study I don‘t just want to become an well-educated qualified biologist, it‘s also very important to me, to acquire cosmopolitian attitudes and a open mind for other cultures. As far as I can see, only a person who has learned to see things from different point of views is fully able to gain tolerance and understanding.
I´m sure, that California with its multicultural society is an excellent decision for me, to reach that!

Another big point, that makes it such important for me, to study at the University of California is, that I regard it as necessary for myself, to enhance my english terminology according to biology.
If you want to be up to date according to the newest scientivic results by reading a reputable article, then there´s no other way, than to do it in the language of science, in english.
So even if my current study at the Free University of Berlin offers me the best quality of education, an extensive english terminology still believes something, just a qualified university in a country with english as its native language can offer me.

But there´s also a further specific reason, which makes especially the University of California to such a perfect place for me: its excellent reputation in the field of neuroscientivic research.
The principal reason, which has encouraged me to study biology, is the option to specialize on neuroscience in a higher semester. And even if I never regretted the decision to start my way by building up a solid biological knowledge, I still persist on my purpose. During the last years, devoting my time to neuroscientivic topics developed to my hobby and passion and California to „Shangri-La“ of neuroscientivic research to my mind.

Thereby I´m not fixated on a special university, but rather it´s the good reputation of the University of California in general, which makes it such attractive for me, to study there.

First and foremost, there´s UC Berkeley, taking my fancy not just in cause of the presence of the „Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute“, but also out of the perfect conditions to continue my current course catalog.
By offering a full range of programs in a variety of fields, like „Plant and Microbial Biology", „Molecular and Cell Biology“, „Integrative Biology“ or „Cognitive Science", I can integrate a lot of courses into my actual study, quite likely without having any problems getting acknowledged them.

Its status as one of the worlds most ethnically diverse campuses makes UC Los Angeles to
an interesting and culturally rich environment for me and with „Ecology and Evolutionary Biology“, „Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology“, „Integrative Biology and Physiology“ and „Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics“ UCLA houses all together four departments of relevance for my current study.
Especially Ecology and genetics are disciplines I will have to serve at the appropriate time, while Physiology and Immunology pose a wonderfull opportunity to expand my prospectus.

With over 150 upper division biology courses, including laboratory and field studies, lectures, seminars, independent studies and group projects UC Santa Barbaras research and teaching programs cover the full range of biological science, from community and ecosystem ecology to molecular biology and biochemistry.
Furthermore UC Santa Barbara is well known for offering its students many opportunities to assist in faculty research projects or to participate in a wide variety of internships, what would pose a great chance for me to gather experience.

What makes UC Santa Cruz such attractive, is the excellent supervision, just a comparatively small college setting can provide, by featuring close faculty-student interaction in small upper-division classes.
Moreover the appealing appearance of the campus as well as its beautiful natural periphery pose a stimulating learning environment and a place to fully unfold my interests.

UC Davids „College of Biological Sciences“ is one of the few ones, dedicated entirely to the study of basic biology, thus providing the best conditions for me, to continue my german curriculum. By studying at UCD, I could proceed according to my current prospectus, allowing me, to graduate in time.

The biggest advantage of UC Merced surely is the personal attention, the smallest subsidiary within the University of California is able to spend to each of its students.
Being also the newest one, UCM offers a completely modern infrastructure, as well as several research institutes, just going to arise.
UCDs vision of interdisciplinary research, together with its innovative undergraduate curricula ensures a valuable experience for me.

Being the Universitys southernmost campus isn´t the only feature, making UC San Diego such special. There´s also its undergraduate division, being organized into residential colleges, modeled on the residential system at Oxford and Cambridge.
Another peculiarity is the „International House“, being home to about 400 students from more than 30 countries, whereby it provides a social atmosphere where opportunities for significant cross-cultural exchange between American and international students is plentiful.

UC Riversides „Department of Biology“ conducts research and teaching in many areas, including ecology, molecular biology plus systematics and beyond its undergraduade students are given the opportunity, to participate in faculty-mentored research projects.
But what is more, what makes UCR such an interesting location is not at least the fact, that it represents one of the most ethnically diverse student body in the United States.

In conclusion, there´s UC Irvine, prominent with its famous arboretum, a wonderful botanical garden and a portion of the natural reserve system, founded especially to provide undisturbed environments for research and education.
In addition UCI hosts a diverse array of nationally and internationally-recognized research organizations, such as the „Center for Cognitive Neuroscience" or the „Sue and Bill Gross Stem Cell Research Center".
So no wonder, that its school of biological science is one of the largest, best-attended ones in the whole university with over 3.700 students and no wonder, that I wish to be one of them!

By studying at the University of California, I could experience my subject from a new perspective and get new insights, helping me, to complete and expand my current study.
It would enable me, to become acquainted with another educational system, nevertheless allowing to get combined with my actual curriculum.
So I´m sure, that the University of California is the perfect place for my stay abroad, because it offers the best opportunities both, in getting on in my studies and to profit in view of my personality!
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