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English-Korrektur (3 Aufgaben)
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BeitragVerfasst am: 09 Aug 2012 - 23:20:11    Titel: English-Korrektur (3 Aufgaben)

So, English-Fans, ich bitte um eine Korrektur. Es sind 3 Aufgaben. Danke für jede Hilfe!

A) Choose the correct form of the verb in the following sentences.

1. If the police hadn't believed (not believe) me, I would certainly have been arrested.
2. She told me that she had baked (bake) a cake for her husband in prison.
3. I will inform (inform) my boss at the supermarket immediately, if I see anybody stealing things from the shelves.
4. He threatened he would shoot (shoot) the hostage, if they didn't give him all the money he wanted.
5. She said that despite all the dangers she enjoyed (enjoy) her job as a policewoman.
6. The bank robber warned me not to press (not, press) the alarmbell.
7. He inquired whether I had seen (see) the Old Bailey when I was in London.
8. If the politician had not been assassinated, do you think things would have remained (remain) the way they were?
9. The policeman asked me if I had (have) any previous convictions.
10. Even if you decide to keep all the stolen money, will you be able to sleep (able, sleep) at night?
11. Pinto says he doesn't want (not, want) any mistakes like last time.
12. He wanted to know whether I would visit (visit) him again while he was in prison.

B) Choose the correct modal verb to complete the following sentences:

1. "This may be the man we're looking for", said one of the policemen. "You might be right", replied his colleague.
2. "You can say anything now, but I should warn you that anything you do say may be taken down and used in evidence against you", the policeman warned the suspect.
3. When he was at Scotland Yard, Geoffrey Haggart had to decide administrative matters such as whether there would be a police box in a particular place.
4. If you want to make your home safe, you should install safety locks on all the windows.
5. You mustn't say a word of this to anybody else, otherwise our plans will be ruined!
6. In theory there won't be any differences in the treatment of criminals, but in practice there are.

C) Choose a suitable modal form of the verb in the following sentences. In each case you are making a comment on a past action.

1. If the laws at the time had been stricter, Savundra wouldn't have swindled (swindle) so many motorists.
2. The man who attacked Mrs Parker could've been (be) some kind of pervert.
3. The responsible members of the old regime should've been punished (punish) for their crimes against humanity just like all other criminals.
4. Where might the killer have burried (the killer, bury) the body?
5. "You needn't have come (come) all this way to the police station, madam", the Inspector said to the witness, "I could have taken a statement from you at your house."
6. "The rain may have washed (wash) away all the footprints left by the burglar", the detective told his assistant.
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Ist doch perfekt Very Happy
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