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Anmeldungsdatum: 24.01.2006
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BeitragVerfasst am: 13 Jun 2006 - 20:37:10    Titel: Science-Fictions

Bitte um Verbesserung!
Can I call the film XXX a Science-Fictions film?

Before I answer this question I would like to explain what is Science-Fictions?

Science-Fictions exsistiert already since 1920. It is a name of art for books, comics and films in which the action mostly takes place in the future. This fictitious future is very far scientific, as well as is progressed technically. On occasion it is reported in the books, comics or also films about the influence of scientific or social developments.

The film XXX it is about a young policeman who lives in such a Science-Fictions future. In this future there are, above all, the robots which should make easier the life to the people. Everybody is persuaded of the robots and feels them as inalienable. They are looked in the society as an assistant. Nobody believe that the robots could become independent and did not obey.
Except one. The policeman does not trust these machines. Although these machines have steady rules, to them forbid to any person to injured, he believes that the machines programmed by people are faulty. A proof of itself finds he as him a homicide case should solve with which a professor was killed.( Ein Beweis für sich findet er als er einen Mordfall lösen soll, bei dem ein Professor umgebracht wurde.) To the purification of the case he looks to himself at the Videoüberwachungen. Besides, he notes that no person has entered or left the space, werr the professor were killed.
He pulls the end of the fact (er zieht den Schlus daraus) that this person was in the building and is still at the time there. On the way he meets a programmer who opens the doors for his inquiries. He tells her that he thinks the robots are not so perfect as everything thinks. He also appeals to his idea that a robot could be the murder. The programmer thinks that is absurdly to one of the machines, in the roon makes itself independent. After a pursuit hunt one succeeds the run away robot in finding. (nach der Verfolgung gelingt es den entlaufene Roboter zu fangen)

These scenes happen in the future. In this film the relation is demonstrated by person and machine. He provides the human naivety. People think they would have everything under control. Besides, they do not note her mistakes. To make by her “Betreben” the robot more human, they give to the machines also the mistakes of the people. Indeed, the machines could feel compassion and joy, however, also fury and aggression. They thereby become unpredictable and dangerous.

I think this film is a Science-Fictions film. It is about a technically wide developed future which has her advantages, however, also her disadvantages. Conflicts are demanded between person and machines.
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Anmeldungsdatum: 05.06.2005
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BeitragVerfasst am: 14 Jun 2006 - 09:46:34    Titel:

schau dir nochmal dein wörterbuch an bei den worten die du offensichtlich nachgeschlagen hast.... der text ist sehr verwirrend, weil du die falschen ausgesucht hast. "the action takes place in the future..." z.B. oder auch "persuaded by robots"
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Foren-Übersicht -> Englisch-Forum -> Science-Fictions
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