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12.06.2006 - (idw) Deutsches Institut für Internationale Pädagogische Forschung

Information on Internet Resources concerning all Aspects of Education in Germany
Frankfurt/M. Anyone who needs reliable information resources and hints on further addresses regarding educational subjects in Germany can find these on the German Education Server. The German Education Server is an online information system for education that provides sound information and internet resources to the interested public, including resources from the federal and state governments, the European Union, higher education institutions, schools, non-university research and service institutes, state institutes, scientific societies, libraries / documentation centres / museums. Since February 2006 the English language services for international visitors of the internet guide to information resources on education have been systematically improved and updated, see A navigation structure that is fully available in English allows users to gain an insight into the structure of the German education system and its scope. The online information system is introduced by target groups and subject areas. These include early childhood education and care, primary and secondary education, higher education, vocational education and training, continuing education as well as educational research, special needs education and intercultural education.

Furthermore, the online gateway to the German education system offers special interest information resources to its international visitors: the dossier Find out about Germany was specifically compiled to meet the needs of visitors from abroad who require basic information on Germany and the German education system. Interesting dossiers and editors' tips are offered in the English language. The calendar of events points out educational workshops, conferences and lectures in English, and the glossaries on education offer definitions of crucial terms of the German education system and its European dimension in English and French. Additional information and assistance is provided in the Services section, for instance by the option Ask the editor, the RSS Newsfeed and the (German language) newsletter.

The thematic dossier "The internationalisation of the German education system" compiles resources on the development of a European higher education area (Bologna Process), and its counterpart in Vocational Education and Training (Copenhagen Process), and Lifelong Learning.

The German Education Server is a joint venture by the federal government (Bund) and the Länder states. Its office is located at the German Institute for International Educational Research in Frankfurt / Main, Germany.

Information and Contact
Deutsches Institut für Internationale Pädagogische Forschung (DIPF) / German Institute for International Educational Research, 60486 Frankfurt/M., Schloßstraße 29, Germany,

Gwendolyn Schulte, International Visitors Services, German Education Server ,
E-Mail, Tel. +49 (0) 69 . 24708-342,

Public Relations IZ Bildung: Christine Schumann, E-Mail,
Tel. +49 (0) 69.24708-314,

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Weitere Informationen: - The German Education Server - Dossier "Find out about Germany" - The Internationalisation of the German Education System" - German Institute for International Educational Research

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