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Would it be rational to tailor IP rights to the individual industy?

11.07.2007 - (idw) Universität Augsburg

First-rate Experts at an International Augsburg Conference on Intellectual Property Rights

Is it sensible to tailor IP rights to the individual industry? The keynote speakers, Prof. Michael W. Carroll from Villanova University School of Law, Prof. Michael S. Mireles from the University of Denver as well as the legal scholars from Augsburg Ulrich M. Gassner and Michael Kort, will answer this questions on July 20, 2007. On the afternoon of the daylong international conference at the University of Augsburg regarding intellectual property rights, the problem will be heavily debated by the panel. This panel will include top individuals from the IP community. The organizers of the convention "Tailoring Rights to Industries in Intellectual Property," announced in June (see, have obtained first-rate experts for the July Conference.

o Prof. Christoph Ann of the Technischen Universität München is a member of the Managing Board of the Munich Intellectual Property Law Center (MIPLC) and has become a specialist in the areas invention protection, trade secret law, IP strategies and licensing.

o Dr. Jürgen Kroher is an attorney in the Munich law firm Kroher Strobel. He teaches at the MIPLC and has a number of publications in the areas of German, European, and international patent, trademark, copyright and competition law. He has been invited to speak at the CEIPI in Straßburg, MBL-program at the University of St. Gallen, the WIPO and other institutions. In addition, Dr. Kroher is the chairman of the Bavarian GRUR (German Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property).

o Wolfgang von Meibom is Chairman of Bird & Bird's offices in Germany and Joint Head of the firm's International Intellectual Property Group. Wolfgang von Meibom, who also teaches at the MIPLC, has been continuously identified as a leading lawyer in his field according to the annual JUVE Handbook of German Commercial Law Firms. Since 2003 Global Counsel distinguishes him as a "Highly Recommended Intellectual Property Practitioner in Germany," adding in their 2007 Handbook for Intellectual Property that Wolfgang von Meibom is a "strategically excellent and one of the best litigators in Europe."

"Prof. Ann, Dr. Kroher and Mr. von Meibom will assess the morning's presentations - sometime critically - from a more practical standpoint. They are the perfect specialists for these questions. For this reason I am sure that a lively discussion will develop as to whether the "one-size-fits-all approach" has proved its worth in the IP area," opined Dr. Matthias Kober, Program Director for Law at the Centre for the Continuing Education and Knowledge Development in the University of Augsburg. "The European Patent Office and the pharmaceutical company MSD SHARP & DOHME GMBH have supported this event and by doing so have emphasized the importance of this topic in the practical world."

The conference will be held on Friday, July 20, 2007 from 9:00 until 4:00 at the Faculty of Law at the University of Augsburg (Universitätsstraße 24, 86159 Augsburg). The registration fee will be 350 euro (300 euro for the University of Augsburg's Alumni Association). Registration is still open.



RA Dr. Matthias Kober
Program Director for Law
Programmleitung Jura
Centre for the Continuing Education and Knowledge Development (ZWW)
Zentrum für Weiterbildung und Wissenstransfer (ZWW)
Universität Augsburg, Universitätsstraße 16, 86159 Augsburg, Tel. ++49/821/598-4055, Fax. ++49/821/598-14-4055
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