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Computer Science Graduate School Offers Stipends Right After Bachelor's degree

30.01.2008 - (idw) Universität des Saarlandes

Excellent computer science students with a Bachelor's degree and a passion for research are invited to apply for a doctoral study program in Saarbrücken, Germany. Saarbrücken is of Europe's most prestigious research sites in computer science. The Graduate School trains and supports the brightest students to their way into top notch research. To enter the program for the upcoming spring semester 2008, students must apply on or before February 29. Students with a Bachelor's degree and a passion for research can now enter the Saarbrücken doctorate program - a systematic path from BSc to PhD. The students first attend lectures and seminars for 18 months, preparing them for future research. After a qualifying exam students enter a dissertation and research phase towards their PhD degree. As an alternative, students can also enter with a Master's degree; they get an individual preparation for the qualifying exam. During the preparation phase, the Graduate School supports students by stipends (about 700 EUR/month) or tutoring contracts. The research and dissertation phase is financed by stipends (about 1,400 EUR/month) as well as research assistant positions.

With more than 220 PhD students, Saarbrücken is one of Europe's largest research centers in computer science. Saarland University, the Max Planck Institute for Computer Science, the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems, and the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) all participate and cooperate in research and teaching at the Graduate School. This ensemble of computer science research institutes and the resulting breadth of research topics is unrivaled in Europe.

The Graduate School has a competitive admission process. All students will be advised inten-sively, their progress will be continually reviewed. There will also be courses in soft skills, such as "scientific writing and presenting". There is common office space during the prepara-tory phase, fostering an esprit de corps among graduate students. Financial support is guaran-teed; special support is available for female students. The language of instruction for all stu-dents is English.

The overall aim of the Graduate School is to provide scientific education of such quality and to attract students of such calibre that the school will be continuously ranked among the top ten computer science PhD programs in the world. The high quality was acknowledged by the German Excellence Initiative, funding the Graduate School with more than one million EUR per year to promote top-level science and research.

Contact: Prof. Raimund Seidel Lehrstuhl für Theoretische Informatik Telefon: +49 681/302-4513
Friederike Meyer zu Tittingdorf Kompetenzzentrum Informatik Telefon: +49 681/302-58099 Email:
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